November 27, 2014

42 Coffee&co.

For the short version: 42 Coffee&co., Vlaška 42, Zagreb. The best coffee in that proximity of main square in he nice enviroment. For the long version:

November 18, 2014

Well, at least I'm eating good cakes! at: Magnolia Slastice

Magnolia Slastice is the cutest place you've ever been to. From the moment you step in you feel the authentic atmosphere, filled with sweet smell of cakes and cookies (something I don't really smell that often while coming in cake shops) and... love. Magnolia recently turned two years of existing and from the moment I tried that chocolate cake they offer, I was mad at myself for not going there sooner. 

October 31, 2014

Friday Fitness Post: Protein cookie & Breakfast

I ususally avoid protein bars. In my opinion they are just like regular chocolate/candy bars only with extra protein and rarely they taste as good so it's a tie on the pro/cons list. The extra protein they provide you with is replaceble with regular food (unless you're in particular situation where it can't be done, but the preparation is the key) and that way you can avoid the extra sugar they contain.

However, as this week allowed me to try a new restaurant and shop yet again for winter accessories, I decided to explore, once again. in the protein-bars-area. 
On the recomendation of the employee of the sports nutrition store, I bought My Protein protein cookie with Double Chocolate Chip Flavour.