October 02, 2014

October 2014: my month ahead!

Today is the first day of this month, which is the October! (post was supposed to be up then, but it was a busy day, so I'm few minutes late.)
I'd say the autumn is full on now (repeating myself by saying that it's been on for a long time, but now it's official) so the new season is on, but for me, it's also a start to a new year. I guess ever since I started my primary school I feel like year starts in September and ends in June, leaving me two months of vacation and free time, sort of a vacuum. However, since college got in the picture, timeframe moved a bit further, making the beginning of the year in October and the end of it... well, unfortunately, sometimes it ends just before, in September. Not to dwell on that topic too long, there are other options and possibilities: ah, that beauty of the college student lifestyle.

To pick myself where I left off, October is a new beginning because the priority of my life takes on from here: university! That means that I'll have to make my tight schedule work, fill it with university obligations and make time for some little delights.
Previous experience showed that the more work I have the better I work, so we'll see if I'll be able to keep that up since this year there will be most demanding than it ever was, or so it seems.

Hopefully, I'll be starting a new language: French! My long time wish. I find it wonderful to be able to speak fluently or at least understand somewhat of multiple languages and I'm about to improve myself in that area.

Few days ago, when autumn officially started, I got back to my gym which I resided from during summer months as I was away. Now I'm back on track and I'll try to get back to shape I was before I left and then move forward from there as soon as possible, but still in slow pace. I don't like to rush things like that: getting in shape is a process.

My long time wish is/was to try something new, cross things off from my bucket list, so I'll be working on that too. At least those small things that I can fit in and afford in my, as I already mentioned, tight schedule to be. I started with trying out supposedly the best coffee in town right after I got my new hairstyle done yesterday. 

Here's the picture of its cup! It doesn't demonstrate much but it's good to have a visual reminder of this very nice experience. It was the best coffee in Zagreb I tried so far.

The rest of the week I still plan on taking it slow, speeding up the pace as the end of the week approaches and then hit it full speed from there in order to accomplish as much as possible and get into the routine.. There is 30 days to make difference in life, to try something new and to improve. Life is a journey. (I'm getting annoying with these quotes, but when there is a lot work to do, you have to try more to keep things interesting and dynamic.)

That would be the rough draft for my month ahead, how does your look like?
xoxo, A.


  1. We are all in control of what we make of our lives. Learning a new language is something I love doing and its a process (even more of a process than getting in shape). I'm currently trying to learn Italian and Polish. Both have their difficulties. I mean why should their be 7 different ways of saying "the" in Italian. And trying to pronounce some Polish words are very hard given the lack of vowels and amount of letters in the alphabet.
    Anyway good coffee can fix all problems :)

    1. You are so right, learning a language is truly neverending process! Even if you'd be able to learn all the rules and all of the words, there is still a way with words that could be perfected. Good luck with learning those languages, I'm very interested on how you made a decision to start learning Polish!? There are challanges everywhere, but life wouldn't be interesting without them :)

  2. My girlfriends parents are Polish and speak it at home. So it's nice to be able to understand some of what they are saying. My girlfriend can speak Polish but responds to them in Engliah. Making it easier for me to understand the conversation. She doesn't like to practice directly with me, she's not so patient haha.

    1. That sounds interestnig, does that help as a learning method? I'm sure she will when you get a hang of it :) even now you can always get help from her, it's like you have a living dictionary hahah

  3. It helps me understand how to recognise the common questions. I also use audio cd in my car. I've reviewed the basic cd on my blog and I've got the intermediate level in both Polish and Italian which I'm yet to review. Check it out - http://www.travellerstalesblog.com/startpolish/