October 31, 2014

Friday Fitness Post: Protein cookie & Breakfast

I ususally avoid protein bars. In my opinion they are just like regular chocolate/candy bars only with extra protein and rarely they taste as good so it's a tie on the pro/cons list. The extra protein they provide you with is replaceble with regular food (unless you're in particular situation where it can't be done, but the preparation is the key) and that way you can avoid the extra sugar they contain.

However, as this week allowed me to try a new restaurant and shop yet again for winter accessories, I decided to explore, once again. in the protein-bars-area. 
On the recomendation of the employee of the sports nutrition store, I bought My Protein protein cookie with Double Chocolate Chip Flavour. 

The whole cookie has 75 g and 320 calories which make it acceptable snack between meals or pre/post workout meal, especially because it contains 37,5 g of protein. Further on, it has 9 g fat, 19,5 g of carbohydrates of wich sugars only 7,3 g (other bars that have around 40 g each have mostly around 12 g of sugar). 

The taste is satisfing, it can't measure to real chocolate chip cookies not it is it's purpose, but it could taste better for it's sake. Regarding the amount of protein, I'd say it actually can't taste any better since milk and soy protein have their own taste and texture that is hard to cover up or turn into something different. 

I like the packaging and the look of the cookie, the taste is perfectly good for a protein bar (nothing spectacular as I already stated, but good nonrtheless).
What I don't like, while overlooking the ingredients of the cookie, is that there is some vegetable oil (not stated which) and sugar (in the chocolate chips but seems in the sole cookie too), and the artificial sweetener: Sucralose. 

The amount of disliked ingredients in this cookie can't be too big since it's not that big of a cookie and it won't affect you having it every once in a while, but those ingredients could've been substituted with something different, healthier. 

All in all, it's a protein cookie like every other protein cookie. I don't know why I keep trying those things out two-three times a year when the result is always the same. I'm not amazed and if I wanted sugars and sweeteners, piece of good old chocolate-nougat cake would be probably a better option. And I would eat some chicken later to get the protein. 

I wish there was some all natural protein bar that could come in handy on the days when you need a snack somewhere where your kitchen and your typical meals aren't avaliable. Protein bars are great to have with you, simple to carry. That's why it would be so great. I've heard of Square bars to be good, anyone tried them? I'd like to try them out if all the good things I've heard are true, but then I'm done. No more wasting money on these things.

On the other note, here is my typical breakfast!

It's raw oats and flax seeds mixed with mashed banana, topped with low fat cottage cheese and kiwi. I like to top it with any other kind of fruit I have at the moment, so it could be my favorite strawberries, blueberries (I like berries!) or peach, grapes, fresh pinapple... 

Do you like fitness posts? How about protein bars?


  1. Very nice. Would love it if you could check out my autumn look book! And maybe follow each other too?

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    1. Of course, I'll get right on it :)

  2. A protein cookie--how delightful! <3
    -Ally Gong