November 18, 2014

Well, at least I'm eating good cakes! at: Magnolia Slastice

Magnolia Slastice is the cutest place you've ever been to. From the moment you step in you feel the authentic atmosphere, filled with sweet smell of cakes and cookies (something I don't really smell that often while coming in cake shops) and... love. Magnolia recently turned two years of existing and from the moment I tried that chocolate cake they offer, I was mad at myself for not going there sooner. 

To think that I almost "rain checked" going there in the first place... Last few weeks weren't that eventful or creative as I'd like them to be. They were rather tiring with all the work and minor obligations I had. Although I like my schedule full and I like my work, I prefer all that with a little more creativity and art. Otherwise, as I mentioned, it gets tiring.

In order to satisfy at least some of my lifestyle cravings I opted for the sweet caloric one in the shape of cake(s). Once again, I went to some place new. Decision fell on Magnolia Slastice, sweet little cake shop at Trakošćanska Street 17, here in Zagreb of course. 

Lead with the "I'm here the first time, it's now and then who knows when, life is bitter so I'll have cake to sweeten it..." I ordered two cakes (even though the owner, I believe, tried to convince me that the almond cake alone would be too much judging by my petite figure-her words, not mine) and so did my friend. We agreed that each will have the half of each cake in order to try them all. 

I started with the chocolate one. It's 75% chocolate and delicious. I was warned that it might be too bitter because of high cacao percentage but it was just fine for me. However, I do like dark chocolate too. 

After I had my half of the chocolate cake, I moved to that almond cake I eyed from the moment I entered this cute cake shop. That almond cake is made without any flower and is delicious! Reminds me a bit of that nutella-nut cake from Oranž

White chocolate wild berries cheesecake was quite good, I enjoyed it, but after you've tried the best (same as in the coffee issue I have since I've tried the best coffee ever, of which you can read here) it's just not impressing. 

Last, but not least, I tasted the meringue tart! I'd enjoy it much more if it was a bit cooler, but we were told that it's their most popular creation that goes out immediately, so we were actually eating freshly made, not yet cooled enough, meringue tart. It was delicious and very sweet, 

I actually felt flattered and blessed to have the opportunity to eat all those amazing cakes. My favourite is the chocolate one, my friend prefers this meringue. While there are plenty other places to explore, I still can't wait to get back here again!


  1. The 75% chocolate cake sounds so so so amazing. I like dark chocolate so I think I'd enjoy the richness. :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Then you would, I'm sure of it! From one dark chocolate lover to another ;)

  2. Those desserts look delicious! Are you from Zagreb? I'm originally from Bosnia but I fly into Zagreb when I come to visit from the USA. I hope to see more of Zagreb next summer! Maybe I'll stop by here. :)

    -Raza from

    1. They are, and the good news is that they constantly invent new kinds so it's always good thing to go back. And the atmosphere there is just perfect! I live in Zagreb currently and I'm completely in love with it! I think you might like it here too. Where do you live in USA? :)

    2. I think I'll like it to, I'm excited to see more of it. I'm from New Jersey :)

  3. this totally just made me hungry!!! :D

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  4. yummy