January 13, 2015

"The cutest place I've ever been to" :: Finjak, Vlaška 78

First impression can go a long way! And here you could see how.

Finjak is a place on the address of Vlaška 78; in Zagreb of course. My first impression can be expressed with my own quote “it’s the cutest place I’ve ever been to”, which means they did a great job with decorating. More than that, and here’s argument for my mom who banned me from collecting all things she seen as irrelevant over the years, this place is all furnished with antiques and is so charming. Especially that teddy bear! As you can see, what makes Finjak really special is its interior and exterior.
Since it is positioned in a passage, somewhat of a yard of the surrounding building(s), its terrace is secluded away from the Vlaška Street, but surrounded with concrete of the architecture. It doesn’t look as cold as it sounds; as I already mentioned, it looks really charming. Especially that chandelier and pastel-colored furniture, which will be a great destination when spring arrives.

As far as I knew, and still know about it, it is a coffee place like many others regarding their offer, meaning, you won’t be that impressed with their coffee. It’s not bad, but they have room for improvement.  I’ve heard great stuff about their tea, though. Next time I’m there I’ll certainly give some kind of tea a go to check that off my list. Bonus points go for small croissants we got with our coffee. Although they were only topped with chocolate sauce (not filled) and maybe a little bit dry, they were a nice gesture (that I devoured instantly, eh). I already mentioned when I wrote about Velvet that those kind of things make me feel more welcome and the whole atmosphere there gets a bit comfier, whether you decide to eat it or not.

This is proof that nice gestures and well decorated interior, especially unique one, can create a customer out of the one mostly oriented on the product. What do you thing about this place?

Love, A.

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