September 25, 2014

New in #1: black, denim & leopard

There is just something about finding a piece of clothing that I like in very affordable price that makes me happier person. Is it because I enriched my wardrobe? Is it because I got something new? Is it because all of the possibilities of wearing it? I can never be completely sure, but it's a win win situation so better not to question it too much.

Lataset adition to my clothing and shoe collection is here and it's all Terranova on sale!

It matches all well together, as you can see, but I chose every item having other outfits in mind. It is also very basic: black, denim and leopard (finally found my leopard item of the season for fall!), which is always nice and useful to have.

If you add some bling, you have completely styled outfit ;)

Have you got something new lately? If so, what? What are your favorite leopard items?

September 15, 2014

From my perspective: Hunger Games Trilogy

I finally finished reading Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. I had a few difficulties while getting a hold of these books, but now finally I finished them. It took me while to sit down and write my impressions after going through everything (I’m one of those people who identify with characters or at least pretend to live in the same world they are living in). There is the first part of the third book coming out as a movie and I refused to watch any of the movies until I read the books. Now that I read them, I can watch movies too.

The story follows Katniss Everdeen, sixteen years old girl who provides for her family ever since her father died. She’s the one that takes care of her mother and younger sister. They live in dystopian world, they are poor and the only thing that keeps them alive is Katniss’s abilities to hunt. Their country organizes so called Hunger Games which are basically a reality show where teenager fight till only one of them is alive, simply to warn and entertain their citizens every year.
This year, Katniss takes place in Hunger Games to replace her sister, for her to avoid danger. Books follow Katniss on the journey where she first struggles to survive Hunger Games where odds aren’t really in her favor, but also a civil war in her country where citizens aren’t really happy with the lifestyle.

When you think about it, 12 districts, every specialized in certain area of production to keep their country running. Some of them are richer thanks to their relationship with Capitol, while some are so poor that if they haven’t had black market of food people would die of hunger. The borders between districts are pretty unbreakable, I got the impression that you can’t really move from one district to another, especially since they learn in school about the main discipline of their district so if you’d move, you wouldn’t be educated to survive in another district. Anyway, that’s just something I thought about on the side.

Katniss is difficult character. If she was a real world person, she’d be antisocial, stubborn, caring and loving for people around her, ready to do anything to protect them and fight anyone. It would not have been easy to get along with her, maybe not even like her because you wouldn’t be able to understand her. However, in the book, you look at things from her perspective what make it a bit easier to understand her.

Since she’s the one carrying out the plot, it makes it that much interesting. She is strong, she doesn’t care about fashion (one of the reasons I wasn’t able to identify with her) but that’s because her whole life was struggle to survive. She doesn’t like to be controlled or told what to do. Imagine just what would you do if you were in her shoes.

The plot is something new for me, very interesting, diverse and dynamic. I like how there is romantic aspect to it all, but it’s by no means too dominant, it’s just there to accompany the rest of the story which revolves about survival and twisted government policy.

Every next book is better than previous one and each is kind of different. I’m not sure how to explain it thoroughly so I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m positively surprised with these books. I don’t want to spoil experience for others so I won’t be going in further details; although there are so many interesting points that even if I wanted I wouldn’t know where to start. I should probably find some book club to join so I can discuss these things.

I hope movies are just as good, but I’m not ready to watch yet. I need time for things to settle within me, to be sure in the original impression before I join it with the movie impression.

Have you read these books and/or watched the movies? What do you think about them? What’s your favorite part?

Be my book club please :)

Love, A.

September 10, 2014

FALL 2014 outfits

Although the weather under my sky was pretty unusual the whole summer and resembled to fall more than to summer, calendar tells me that the actual fall is coming and my inner voice is persuading me to renew my closet with fall necessities. Just at the thought of it, my wallet started to cry. You see, September is the month with most expenses, leaving a little room for fashion escapades. That’s why before making any irrational purchases I decided to go through my closet and see what I am missing for upcoming season.

I envisioned this season for me in lots of dark and basic colors such as black, navy blue, burgundy, dark green, all shades of grey, beige and in leopard pattern (as far as I’m concerned, leopard is neutral). And cotton white button up shirt would be nice, but for some reason, most stores lack it in their offer. 
Along with that, I feel kind of edgy so I look forward to wearing my black leather jacket, biker boots, and combat boots. As for days when I’m feeling less edgy (!?) I’m having my cognac brown leather items in store. 
What makes fall/winter season easier for me is exchanging typical jewelry for scarfs, hats and gloves as an accessory. I like to have them in basic like black and beige, but also in pastel pink, burgundy and leopard to spice up an outfit when needed.

While going through my things and thinking about my desires, I’ve extracted the most important pieces for this fall.

Black leather trousers. They go with everything and give some edge to the outfit (I feel like going edgy this season :P).

Ankle boots. Combat, biker, simple, with chain, cut-out… Variations and models are multiple; they keep your feet dry and warm. Remember: Woman carries her clothes, but shoes carry a woman.

Cardigan. Preferably woolen, ticker for colder places or lighter for warmer. I recommend pastel pink, beige and gray if you decide upon one color. I’m also all in for patterned cardigans. I visualize one in beige color with deep purple, burgundy, dark green or navy blue patterns (combination of colors), but haven’t seen anything like it anywhere yet, have you?

Leather jacket. Keeps you warm and edgy, lifts up any outfit.

Scarf. I became kind of dependent on them as an accessory few season back so I gathered small collection. I’d like to get something in nice leopard print to put in my collection.

You can combine pieces or wear them separately, you just can’t miss.

Here are some of my fall outfits ideas :) 

What are you wearing this fall? 

September 09, 2014

Dream big! It's free, but... the hustle is sold separately.

In course of my 120 days of happiness mission, I decided to share my perspective on something that makes me happy. Dreaming. Not just dreaming alone, everything that comes with it.

In my opinion, there are two types of dreaming:
1.   The one you do when you’re trying to escape reality in a faraway land where everything is according to you. Even the problems you face are organized by you, which allow you to solve them so perfectly it’s unbelievable!
2.   The one where your wishes demonstrate themselves and you have some kind of goals, maybe even a plan how to achieve them.

Sometimes, those two types can be combined, depending on a person and your current life situation. The more you have first kind, the less productive you are. The more you have latter; you’re step closer to achieving them.
Now, as I said, dreaming is free. Anyone can do it. Sometimes it takes a bit of practice and relaxation, but still, anyone can do it.

In order to transform your dream(s) to reality, you’ll have to make plans how to do that. Here’s a small guide:

1.   Realize what your dream is. It could be the hardest part, knowing what you want. Admitting it to yourself, depending on what kind of person you are. We often think we’re not ready for something, we’re scared to do what we want, we get insecure, and some people are just lazy… whatever it is, don’t be afraid of yourself. It’s okay to dream bigger or smaller or differently.

2.   Form smaller goals that lead up to the bigger one, or in other words, to do list. What is it that you have to do on daily, weekly and monthly bases to bring you closer to your dream and eventually all the way to it?

3.   Take obstacles into account. Try to be as precise as possible in matter of predictable setbacks. Doesn’t hurt to have a back-up plan in case of the unimagined setbacks. For example, if you have a certain deadline to meet, make a schedule, but don’t overstretch it in case something happens and you lose much needed hours.

4.   Follow your schedule. Complete those smaller goals. Don’t let setbacks set you off your track.

5.   Keep/get rituals that make you happy, keep them simple. In order to achieve something, there will have to be some sacrifices. That’s why you have to learn how to appreciate small simple things in life possible on daily bases to keep you motivated and happy. If drinking coffee in the morning while staring out your window makes you peaceful, do that. If watching your favorite show every week excites you, do that.

Write it all down! It makes it official and it helps keeping everything in check.

Those things get hard. You’ll have times where you feel so demotivated and lazy, but the key is to work thorough those times too at most occasions and actually take a break once in a while. If you’re one of those people who get too scared that everything will fall down if you take one break out of the ordinary, trust me, it won’t! It will actually do you good, as long as you keep up with the key words once in a while.
In case your work requires a lot of time in a day, don’t forget to take small brakes along the way. Brain needs them, body needs them, and soul needs them.

Here main question arises: why dreaming bigger? Why all the work? Why all the trouble of going thorough it?
Well, unless you’re someone completely satisfied with your current state of mind and situation in life, you probably already want some change. You want all the trouble of going thorough it because you are not satisfied. Even if you’re happy (which I hope you are) it’s natural to want more from life for yourself. Even if you do have all you ever wanted and are completely satisfied with every aspect of your life, dream bigger!
Why? To grow, to learn, to reach your limitations and step on them, go over them, set them miles away to reach them again. To get better. Experience of hustling will be of a great use, if not practically then emotionally.
Unless you dream and work for your dreams, what are you living for?

That’s just a way I look at the things, simply because the state where I’m not learning and doing makes me feel like my life is passing me by. And it’s not a good feeling, I tell you that.

Right now I enjoy writing and reading a lot, hopefully improving my vocabulary, working on helthier life choices, can't wait to get back to the gym, plan on taking another foreign language, thinking of what else to do/see/visit in next months and matching it with my budget. I'm also very excited to start my next year at uni and embracing it completely because it won't last long.
All those in hopes of becoming better in writing and expressing my thoughts, being fluent in another language, getting helthier and more fit, expanding my knowledge and experience.

What is your perspective on the topic? What are your dreams?

Love, A.

photo credit: WeHeartIt

September 04, 2014

120 days of happiness

There is exactly 120 days till the end of the year (counting today too)! I challenge you to be happy every single day out of those 120. Not just that, I challenge you to try out as many new thing as you can in those 120 days and if you want, share your story here. Send it via email (to or share it in the comments! You can also share a picture of what happened to you to make you happy or your new experience on Instagram (hashtag #120daysofHappiness and @_anamari_). I'll share my experiences but I'd love to feature you too, so please get in touch.

So, as I said 120 days left. That's almost third of a year and thinking back, I'm aware that I didn't use this year to it's max up till now. Furthermore, at one point I felt like my life is passing by and I'm just sitting there and watching it pass, doing nothing. I felt so helpless at that point, but I also knew it's all up to me. I'm the one that let things roll out the way they did. I lost control over what happens in my life because I got lazy at some point. 
Truth is, we can't control everything that happens in our life either, but if we're not happy, guess what: it's all up to us. It's on us to change it! 

The main reason why I got this idea is beacause somewhere in the middle of last December while I was going to my college classes another student stopped me and asked me to help him with his project. I was in a hurry so I reluctantly declined his proposition. However, I kept thinking about his questions for quite a long time.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
What are your New Year’s resolutions?
The second one didn’t occupy me that much. I don’t really make those because I think that whatever you want to do, you can start doing right away, no need to wait for who knows how long. Although, I do make plans; it’s just a little something that keeps me sane during those intense days, knowledge that I have something to look forward to. It can be a trip, a birthday party, enrolling some kind of course… just predictability of current week can sometimes bring me comfort and happiness and I appreciate it.
The first one however, kept me thinking on and on. Back and forward. I couldn’t remember one crazy thing I did, and I don’t mean stupid at the same time. Just something risky, brave and possibly reckless. Maybe I did do it, I just couldn’t remember. At that point it was that long ago!
So I asked myself: what was the last time you did something for the first time?
That was even better question and much more significant for me. I might have been responsible and rational by character (that rules out doing crazy things I suppose) but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn and try new things. I actually live for learning and trying new things.

Realizing I haven’t experienced anything new (besides some really good cakes) for a really long time, I decided to change it. Answer to my problems was a bucket list. Well, sort of. I wrote down 20 things to do till my next birthday. I didn’t manage to do them all so I wrote down more things and extended my deadline till the end of the year.
There is a third of this year left and I still didn’t do some of those things. Thinking back, I was scared and lazy to try something new, although I’d always feel even too happy when I’d finally do it.
It’s not that I wasted those two thirds all the way, I achieved things I’m proud of, I had fun, I did experience some new things and I was happy, but not as much as I could’ve been, if you understand me.
It’s not that I’m not happy with how things turned out, I am, I’m also very grateful, but... You know those saying people put for Facebook status at the beginning of a new year, like:

This year is a book of 365 pages and you’re the writer, don’t waste any pages.

 There are more of those, and although it’s completely natural to waste some pages too because we are all only humans and learning our whole life how to deal with things, I’m aware that I wasted some pages simply because I chose to.

Waste is a waste, and those are the days that I’ll never get back. Once that thought settled down in my mind, I decided that I want to waste as least as possible days from then on. I also want as many people as possible to live their life to the fullest.
So, for the next 120 days, let’s put each day to a good use: try new things, learn more and be happy.

As for the next post: Don’t be afraid to dream big and why dreams are free, but the hustle is sold separately! It’s much related to this topic.
Read me soon,
Love, A.