October 31, 2014

Friday Fitness Post: Protein cookie & Breakfast

I ususally avoid protein bars. In my opinion they are just like regular chocolate/candy bars only with extra protein and rarely they taste as good so it's a tie on the pro/cons list. The extra protein they provide you with is replaceble with regular food (unless you're in particular situation where it can't be done, but the preparation is the key) and that way you can avoid the extra sugar they contain.

However, as this week allowed me to try a new restaurant and shop yet again for winter accessories, I decided to explore, once again. in the protein-bars-area. 
On the recomendation of the employee of the sports nutrition store, I bought My Protein protein cookie with Double Chocolate Chip Flavour. 

October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Chocolat 041

This place so close to my heart is turning one today! I can barely recall what stood on its place on the address of Masarykova 25 before it appeared, a bookstore if I’m not mistaken, but I’m so happy that Chocolat 041 took its place.

To cut right to it, it’s because of 30 or so flavors of delicious ice-cream they offer and unique cakes that I’ve

October 16, 2014

Oranž Zagreb :: Wine bar & Desserts

I think that official name of this place is Oranž wine bar and bistro, but I mostly think of it as a place to get something sweet. To give you some basic information; Oranž is located at Zagreb's center, in the street of Ilica, on the number 7. You notice how close it is to the main square? It's probably why it settled as a tradition for me and my family to go there for a dessert after our traditional lunch we have together every time we're all in Zagreb. Actually, it's our tradition even when it's just me and my mother. Lunch, then Oranž.

What really drawn us to Oranž in the first place (right after its proximity to main square) is how fresh it looks. The terrace outside is very cousy, although in the busy part of Ilica. It is one of the things I like about Oranž, weather I sit outside on the terrace or inside near that window that overlooks Ilica I'll be happy because I like that view of the busy city while I'm relaxing, completely comfortable. 

And then there are cakes and pastries. It might seem silly, but first two give the big advantage. Regarding the cakes, I’ve tried nearly everything! I’m only too sorry for not taking enough pictures to show you. Nutella cake and Nutella cake with nuts are to go option for everyone who loves Nutella and big dose of chocolate. The second one is very filling and some might struggle to eat the whole piece of cake they get. I did, but it wasn’t too hard ;) It’s now my favorite of all things they offer.

October 03, 2014

Eliscaffe :: The Best Coffee in Zagreb

Eliscaffe & roastery is the best place to have coffee in the city of Zagreb by many reviews and from this moment by my own too.
It's located on the address of Ilica 63, very close to Britain square, meaning: you can get there by public transportation, your own transportation, but I recommend walking, simply to enjoy the beauty of the city.

I’m not an expert on the coffee area unlike some people they understand all about roasting, bitterness and whatnot. I’m not good at that and hopefully, one day I will be able to tell you about all the coffees I try out and why exactly are they good and how good are they. Until then, I’ll just demonstrate it simply by my sense of taste and other social indicators.

Regarding the first aspect, when I ordered that simple coffee few days ago my world changed. I wished I could get this coffee every day, three times a day (because that’s how often I drink coffee) and everywhere. I’m willing to give up every other café, coffee shop, bar… along with everything they offer and come to the Eliscaffe for coffee. It was the best taste ever and if I knew how to describe it better I would, but no word can do justice. Best coffee I tried yet.

Regarding the other aspect and insinuating the first one, I’ll tell you something about myself and my culture. You see, I am Croatian, and Croats have this special habit of drinking coffee. Before you think how people everywhere drink coffee, which they do, by some researches they don’t drink it for the same reasons. Some drink it to wake up or stay awake, some like its taste, other drink it for pleasure, and then there are those who drink it to socialize.
Us Croats, we have this so called ‘culture of sitting and drinking coffee’ while talking about everything and anything, or simply reading something. In both cases, we do it for pleasure, not ‘along the way’.
The very place, Eliscaffee, is pretty small but very inviting. Given the information about us Croats as people who don’t really take their coffee to go, this is probably the only place that gives more coffees to go then to stay. Even while getting there, I ran into people with cups like the one I got and I knew where they’re from there’s no chance that you’d take any other coffee in near area if you knew how good this one is.

I recommend you to try out this coffee and tell me what you think. 

Where’s the best coffee you ever tried? If you already tried this coffee, is there a better one somewhere?
I’m getting too excited over a coffee!

October 02, 2014

October 2014: my month ahead!

Today is the first day of this month, which is the October! (post was supposed to be up then, but it was a busy day, so I'm few minutes late.)
I'd say the autumn is full on now (repeating myself by saying that it's been on for a long time, but now it's official) so the new season is on, but for me, it's also a start to a new year. I guess ever since I started my primary school I feel like year starts in September and ends in June, leaving me two months of vacation and free time, sort of a vacuum. However, since college got in the picture, timeframe moved a bit further, making the beginning of the year in October and the end of it... well, unfortunately, sometimes it ends just before, in September. Not to dwell on that topic too long, there are other options and possibilities: ah, that beauty of the college student lifestyle.

To pick myself where I left off, October is a new beginning because the priority of my life takes on from here: university! That means that I'll have to make my tight schedule work, fill it with university obligations and make time for some little delights.
Previous experience showed that the more work I have the better I work, so we'll see if I'll be able to keep that up since this year there will be most demanding than it ever was, or so it seems.

Hopefully, I'll be starting a new language: French! My long time wish. I find it wonderful to be able to speak fluently or at least understand somewhat of multiple languages and I'm about to improve myself in that area.

Few days ago, when autumn officially started, I got back to my gym which I resided from during summer months as I was away. Now I'm back on track and I'll try to get back to shape I was before I left and then move forward from there as soon as possible, but still in slow pace. I don't like to rush things like that: getting in shape is a process.

My long time wish is/was to try something new, cross things off from my bucket list, so I'll be working on that too. At least those small things that I can fit in and afford in my, as I already mentioned, tight schedule to be. I started with trying out supposedly the best coffee in town right after I got my new hairstyle done yesterday. 

Here's the picture of its cup! It doesn't demonstrate much but it's good to have a visual reminder of this very nice experience. It was the best coffee in Zagreb I tried so far.

The rest of the week I still plan on taking it slow, speeding up the pace as the end of the week approaches and then hit it full speed from there in order to accomplish as much as possible and get into the routine.. There is 30 days to make difference in life, to try something new and to improve. Life is a journey. (I'm getting annoying with these quotes, but when there is a lot work to do, you have to try more to keep things interesting and dynamic.)

That would be the rough draft for my month ahead, how does your look like?
xoxo, A.