April 24, 2014

Does Chocolate counts as Salad?

I bet you saw this picture, or one of those ecards, or something simillar somewhere. When I first saw it, I laughed because I thought it was funny! As everything that's funny, it stops being funny after it has been repeated 24 234 229 times. Today I saw three of those quotes on my newsfeed on Facebook and I don't even have that many friends, it's kind of annoying.

What I actually find wrong with this is the fact that people think salads are very important and good while chocolate is exact opposite. It is not like that.
Salads go weel with some meals, they are good source of vitamins, but can also be a great source of calories even when it's not this chocolate-salad thing. I'll clarify!

Few words about salads

On the one side:

  •  fresh vegetables (always a base, can go alone or with something mentioned below...)
  • some tuna 
  • some chicken
  • some nuts
  • olive oil
  • balsamico vinegar
  • low-fat, high-protein cheese 
  • fruit salad (separate kind, great treat, do not add extra sugar, fruit has it's natural sugar already and it's healthy and yummy)-can also be mixed with vegetables if you like the combination

Combine these ingridients all together or some of them and you can have either adition to your meal or separate meal, depending on your combination. Enjoy!

On the other side:

  • cream
  • fried chicken in it
  • pieces of bread
  • you over do it with oil
  • high-fat cheese
  • all sorts of toppings that usually have too many calories

Now, these things make a bad meal. So your salad won't be as good for your body as the first one. It will be a meal, but not a good one.

Take a bad rep away from chocolate 

You don't have to call chocolate a salad to justify eating it. Take it as a treat, but don't eat the whole damn thing (Miranda Kerr once said). Choose the type with higher percentage of cacao (at least 70%) and enjoy it "guilt free" once in a while. It can actually be good for you because it simulates your body to produce endorphins, which are hormones of happiness. Exercise does the same.

Do not over do it, whether it's a salad or a chocolate. Moderation is the key to have a happy and balanced life. I had urge to say this because I have a feeling tht people use this ("Chocolate comes from a cocoa, which is a tree, what makes it a plant. Chocolate is the salad, you're wellcome.) saying to justify something that doesn't have to be justified and gives a bad rep to both: chocolate and salad. 

Enjoy your chocolate, enjoy your salad. 
Love, A.

P.S. what's your favorite chocolate? How aboout salad? What do you think about this quote?

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