July 28, 2014

Traveling: Zadar (Croatia)

You could say that my vacation begun even before 30th of June, but going off to coast screamed it! I never had that kind of vacation until few years back because my parents didn't really travel much, let alone to some place on the coast. However, I had few one-day-field-trips to coast and those shaped my perception of summer vacation forever. My first visits to Zadar, town on the East coast of Adriatic sea, were probably to visit some relative or to my orthodontist, not to sunbathe, still, when you mention Zadar today i immediately think of sea, sun, beach... in short: summer vacation!

And here is why I find it visit worthy!

History. Probably not the first thing that any other 20-year-old thinks of, but I never really thought much as everyone else did about... well, everything. I always had separate way of thinking and perceiving. When I say history I don't point out its historic moments and development. It's more of what it left behind; streets, buildings, churches... I love that this town has visible history with interesting stories behind that I always look forward to.

City. I didn't grow up in the city. The city I visited often since I was born till I moved wasn't exactly by my standards, but I'm still a city girl. I love the smell of the city, traffic of the city, possibilities of the city, noise... and Zadar has it in certain amount, especially during the touristic season.

Sea. Zadar is on the coast, and summer just doesn't work without sea.

Shopping. It's always better in the city. Zadar has street style stores in its down town and shopping center called Supernova. Although I'm not too happy with current offer, it's still not too bad.

All of these things shape Zadar as attractive summer destination, and it is, but in my opinion it is because of those memories I experienced there.

Sea organ is somewhat musical installation on the coast of Zadar where waves produce musical noise by hitting the shore. When you think about it little further, it's nature playing. And all the while you're walking by the Adriatic sea and watching the sunset over it with islands in the distance.

Gelato/cake shops. I was always somewhat of a sweet-tooth and I appreciate well-made cake very very much. I don't neglect gelatos either, especially during these summer months. Every time I come to Zadar I visit Kavana Danica on the Kalelarga (also known as The Wide Street) to try out something out of their offer. My moms favorite is Ferrero cake which is the perfect choice for all chocolate, Nutella and hazelnut lovers! I like it too, but I'm always experimenting, trying something new and I was never disappointed. Their gelatos are supposedly made by Italian recipe. I am no expert and although I've tried gelatos in Italy too (there are no better than theirs!) I can't really tell if these are up to shoulder with them. However, they are very delicious.
There is also local recommendation for best gelato in Zadar to be in the place called Donat, where you can find people waiting in (fast moving) line for their gelato. I've tried flavors called Don Vito and Hazelnut and was very satisfied. Maybe someone more experienced in tasting could tell you somewhat more, all i can say is that I recommend going there because I enjoyed it (and I would never send you off somewhere with recommendation if I don't think of it as good place to go). Wow, you can tell I like cakes and gelatos, right? hahah

Sunsets over the bridge that connects Poluotok and the rest of Zadar. Just experience it and you'll know what I mean ;) It's nice how the lights from the shore that reflect in the sea complement the sight.

The Queen Jelena’s gardens. They were one of the most beautiful places to see in Zadar and the place of many happenings on social scale in its time. Today, I’d say they are if not the most beautiful sight in Zadar, probably my favorite place that has special atmosphere in the evening and breathtaking scenery during the day.

Breakfasts on the balcony. I guess that's something you might as well have at home, but I just prefer it there. I wake up early while it's not so hot outside yet, make coffee, cut up some fruit to go along with my breakfast and go outside to have it with the view.

To go along with these idealistic things as I see them, Zadar has some downsides too. You might notice them at first visit; however, I've confirmed it over the few years.

I'm not a big fan of the new-build Zadar. I just like the old architecture better and feel like new building went... wrong. I don't really mind it, just my opinion based on my personal taste for architecture.

One more thing is that drivers aren't really polite. I'm not sure if it is a local thing that tourist also follow or it is just something about this place that they don't respect walkers. They NEVER stop to let the walker cross the road on marked place.

There are probably more exquisite places to spend your summer vacation waiting for me to visit them, but I can't describe how happy and blessed I feel to have this summer vacation right here in Zadar.

Where do you go on summer vacation? Where do you travel? Have you ever been in Croatia? 
What do you think of Zadar?

Love, A. 

P.S. All of the pictures are taken by me and copyrighted. Please do not share further without giving credit. XO


  1. Zadar je predivan, zaljubila sam se prošle godine u njega i morala sam i ove godine na povratku s mora navratiti tamo :)
    Dečku je toliko lijep da kaže da bi se i preselio tamo :)

    1. Ja ga obožavam i već goodinama ljetujem tamo pa sam se nekako i emotivno vezala :D no tek sam ove godine shvatila da sam pomalo ziheraš s mjestima na koja redovito idem bez da ponovno obiđem ostala, to trebam u buduće ispraviti :)
      Drago mi je kad čujem da se i drugima nešto sviđa koliko i meni :D