October 03, 2014

Eliscaffe :: The Best Coffee in Zagreb

Eliscaffe & roastery is the best place to have coffee in the city of Zagreb by many reviews and from this moment by my own too.
It's located on the address of Ilica 63, very close to Britain square, meaning: you can get there by public transportation, your own transportation, but I recommend walking, simply to enjoy the beauty of the city.

I’m not an expert on the coffee area unlike some people they understand all about roasting, bitterness and whatnot. I’m not good at that and hopefully, one day I will be able to tell you about all the coffees I try out and why exactly are they good and how good are they. Until then, I’ll just demonstrate it simply by my sense of taste and other social indicators.

Regarding the first aspect, when I ordered that simple coffee few days ago my world changed. I wished I could get this coffee every day, three times a day (because that’s how often I drink coffee) and everywhere. I’m willing to give up every other café, coffee shop, bar… along with everything they offer and come to the Eliscaffe for coffee. It was the best taste ever and if I knew how to describe it better I would, but no word can do justice. Best coffee I tried yet.

Regarding the other aspect and insinuating the first one, I’ll tell you something about myself and my culture. You see, I am Croatian, and Croats have this special habit of drinking coffee. Before you think how people everywhere drink coffee, which they do, by some researches they don’t drink it for the same reasons. Some drink it to wake up or stay awake, some like its taste, other drink it for pleasure, and then there are those who drink it to socialize.
Us Croats, we have this so called ‘culture of sitting and drinking coffee’ while talking about everything and anything, or simply reading something. In both cases, we do it for pleasure, not ‘along the way’.
The very place, Eliscaffee, is pretty small but very inviting. Given the information about us Croats as people who don’t really take their coffee to go, this is probably the only place that gives more coffees to go then to stay. Even while getting there, I ran into people with cups like the one I got and I knew where they’re from there’s no chance that you’d take any other coffee in near area if you knew how good this one is.

I recommend you to try out this coffee and tell me what you think. 

Where’s the best coffee you ever tried? If you already tried this coffee, is there a better one somewhere?
I’m getting too excited over a coffee!

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