October 16, 2014

Oranž Zagreb :: Wine bar & Desserts

I think that official name of this place is Oranž wine bar and bistro, but I mostly think of it as a place to get something sweet. To give you some basic information; Oranž is located at Zagreb's center, in the street of Ilica, on the number 7. You notice how close it is to the main square? It's probably why it settled as a tradition for me and my family to go there for a dessert after our traditional lunch we have together every time we're all in Zagreb. Actually, it's our tradition even when it's just me and my mother. Lunch, then Oranž.

What really drawn us to Oranž in the first place (right after its proximity to main square) is how fresh it looks. The terrace outside is very cousy, although in the busy part of Ilica. It is one of the things I like about Oranž, weather I sit outside on the terrace or inside near that window that overlooks Ilica I'll be happy because I like that view of the busy city while I'm relaxing, completely comfortable. 

And then there are cakes and pastries. It might seem silly, but first two give the big advantage. Regarding the cakes, I’ve tried nearly everything! I’m only too sorry for not taking enough pictures to show you. Nutella cake and Nutella cake with nuts are to go option for everyone who loves Nutella and big dose of chocolate. The second one is very filling and some might struggle to eat the whole piece of cake they get. I did, but it wasn’t too hard ;) It’s now my favorite of all things they offer.

Their cheesecake in the cup was a bit of disappointment for me, the regular kind I’ve not tried out yet and I don’t think I will any time soon because there are other chocolate pieces I’m just looking for any opportunity to try out.

The Mediteranea (I hope I got it correctly) is refreshing cake with orange, nothing spectacular but still really good and very tasty.

The Rhapsody is with wild fruit if I’m not mistaken and it is nice creamy cake.

The apple cake somewhat reminds me of the apple strudel reinvented to be a cake. I recommend it, especially for this autumn season.

In the season time, ther is this amazing cake below! 

Their coffee was Lavazza the last time I had it. I’m big fan of Illy so I wasn’t too impressed, but it was quite good. They also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options, fresh-squeezed juices and ice cream (quite good). The variety of the offer is a big bonus, they have whatever you might want and it looks nice. 

I'm not able to remember any more cakes by their name and I didn't take pictures of them all (unfortunately) so this is where the story ends.


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