October 18, 2014

Velvet :: authentic café in Zagreb

Velvet café & gallery, Dežmanova ulica 9.

As this previous week was filled with work and got me somewhat tired (better try: like a lot!) just the way I like it (maybe even more than that), adding the fact that Saturday doesn't mean that work is done, I'm reminiscing about my last week which had its later half in relaxing, enjoying and most of all, eventful tone. Just last Saturday morning I've met with my friend with intention of trying off newly opened vegan place in Zagreb. We got quite disappointed when we came there and saw that they had only one, still frozen, cake in display and only one piece of another cake ready to be served.
Outrageous and sad because there is nothing worse than hoping for some kind of food and not getting it, in this case not trying it out, we decided to go for a coffee, preferably good one. As we were already downtown we wanted something near. Just like that, thought hit us: we weren't at the Velvet café for so long.

Velvet is one of the most authentic places in Zagreb for so many reasons. Maybe I haven’t seen so many places, but as far as I did, this declaration stands. First of all, there is its location. Still very close to all the fuss of the city, but still secluded too. As soon as you take a turn to Dežmanova Street, you enter another world. All the noise lowers down and just a few steps further you see green landscapes. On the house number 9 you reach our destination. You’ll notice two entrances, one to the café and another to a gallery, the difference is almost irrelevant to you as a customer for coffee and cake since both places hold both. First space is sort of simple and bright, while the second is somewhat darker and with more decorative details, but both with special atmosphere.

Then, there is terrace practically around the corner, in function only during spring, summer and early autumn days. Light green tables with flowers on top, old concrete stairs and nature… give me the same feeling I catch up from watching pictures of French cafes, maybe that’s why I sympathize this place so much.

One more thing that differentiates the Velvet from other places is that they don’t serve instant coffees, but do provide white coffees with flavors such as almond, hazelnut, toffee, coconut…

Interesting enough, even though we came for a coffee we decided upon a cake. We never had a cake there before and the cakes are the only reason why you might want to take a second glance as which of their two spaces to choose (besides the different interior, that are both lovely so I don’t think you’d mind ending up at either) since they carry out different types of cakes.

As we haven’t had a cake in mind when we came, we situated on terrace and were ready to order coffee but somehow the cake slipped in our order too.

Raspberry cake with oats could be your sole reason to come there for the first time and again. Coffee was nice (since I tried out Elis, no other can compare so I won’t go into it any further), and I like how they serve it with brown sugar (although I take my coffee without it) and a biscuit. It’s nice and thoughtful, makes me feel more welcome.

Once we finished that first cake we thought about the other two displayed and we had to try them out too.

Lemon&Orange cake
This is the lemon-orange zest cake and is one of the best cakes I’ve ever tried, no doubt. So soft, light and tasty.

Chocolate cake with orange
This one is chocolate cake with orange and as delicious it is, it might have a bit too strong flavor for my liking, but other than that it was good.

I was really delighted with the offer of cakes (along with everything else) so once again, I can’t wait to go back there. Due to my overstretched schedule I guess it’ll have to wait. There are other places only waiting for my first visit! However, the next time I’m around and in need of a good cake in unique surroundings, I’ll certainly go to Velvet.

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