September 25, 2014

New in #1: black, denim & leopard

There is just something about finding a piece of clothing that I like in very affordable price that makes me happier person. Is it because I enriched my wardrobe? Is it because I got something new? Is it because all of the possibilities of wearing it? I can never be completely sure, but it's a win win situation so better not to question it too much.

Lataset adition to my clothing and shoe collection is here and it's all Terranova on sale!

It matches all well together, as you can see, but I chose every item having other outfits in mind. It is also very basic: black, denim and leopard (finally found my leopard item of the season for fall!), which is always nice and useful to have.

If you add some bling, you have completely styled outfit ;)

Have you got something new lately? If so, what? What are your favorite leopard items?