September 10, 2014

FALL 2014 outfits

Although the weather under my sky was pretty unusual the whole summer and resembled to fall more than to summer, calendar tells me that the actual fall is coming and my inner voice is persuading me to renew my closet with fall necessities. Just at the thought of it, my wallet started to cry. You see, September is the month with most expenses, leaving a little room for fashion escapades. That’s why before making any irrational purchases I decided to go through my closet and see what I am missing for upcoming season.

I envisioned this season for me in lots of dark and basic colors such as black, navy blue, burgundy, dark green, all shades of grey, beige and in leopard pattern (as far as I’m concerned, leopard is neutral). And cotton white button up shirt would be nice, but for some reason, most stores lack it in their offer. 
Along with that, I feel kind of edgy so I look forward to wearing my black leather jacket, biker boots, and combat boots. As for days when I’m feeling less edgy (!?) I’m having my cognac brown leather items in store. 
What makes fall/winter season easier for me is exchanging typical jewelry for scarfs, hats and gloves as an accessory. I like to have them in basic like black and beige, but also in pastel pink, burgundy and leopard to spice up an outfit when needed.

While going through my things and thinking about my desires, I’ve extracted the most important pieces for this fall.

Black leather trousers. They go with everything and give some edge to the outfit (I feel like going edgy this season :P).

Ankle boots. Combat, biker, simple, with chain, cut-out… Variations and models are multiple; they keep your feet dry and warm. Remember: Woman carries her clothes, but shoes carry a woman.

Cardigan. Preferably woolen, ticker for colder places or lighter for warmer. I recommend pastel pink, beige and gray if you decide upon one color. I’m also all in for patterned cardigans. I visualize one in beige color with deep purple, burgundy, dark green or navy blue patterns (combination of colors), but haven’t seen anything like it anywhere yet, have you?

Leather jacket. Keeps you warm and edgy, lifts up any outfit.

Scarf. I became kind of dependent on them as an accessory few season back so I gathered small collection. I’d like to get something in nice leopard print to put in my collection.

You can combine pieces or wear them separately, you just can’t miss.

Here are some of my fall outfits ideas :) 

What are you wearing this fall? 

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  1. Great looks! Love the black and grey items, always looks stylish!