October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Chocolat 041

This place so close to my heart is turning one today! I can barely recall what stood on its place on the address of Masarykova 25 before it appeared, a bookstore if I’m not mistaken, but I’m so happy that Chocolat 041 took its place.

To cut right to it, it’s because of 30 or so flavors of delicious ice-cream they offer and unique cakes that I’ve
never seen, let alone tried, anywhere else. Although I haven’t tried out all of the ice-cream flavors yet, I’m nearly all done with the cakes and I’m not disappointed at all because I would’ve been done if they haven’t added new kinds to the offer, meaning: there are new cakes! It’s a great thing that they are refreshing their above-the-average-and-even-more offer which is so good it makes you forget that all those sweet things are a bit pricy for you; but hey, better good thing once than average in many occasions.even though I’m making this quite often.

They also prepare decent coffee with the best foam (and I usually don’t like foam) and coffee-art on top. It’s the only place in Zagreb center where waiter knows my order. Yes, although I’m trying out different cakes and ice-creams, I also have “my usual”. For those that want healthier option (which is also me, in many occasions) there are fresh-squeezed juices and healthy smoothies on the menu.

If that’s not special enough, let’s talk interior design. The only place I’ve ever been to that has glass floors which provide excellent view from area for smokers on the all that deliciousness in the form of cakes and ice-creams. I couldn’t help but notice pretty good choice of music there too.
Industrial style and special furniture, waiter’s uniforms and chair-cushions, its name and food… it all ties up in the whole, and that whole makes you think and feel chocolate all the time.

But all of these reasons aren’t why I fell in love with this place. It’s its soul and atmosphere (and I bet that local celebrities who appreciate this place agree with me). Always comfortable and warm, my favorite place to spend winter mornings before and after lectures, ideal for meeting with friends or when you just need some time for yourself.

Hope to enjoy even more of you, happy birthday Chocolat 041!
Love, A.

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